Runner Turns Around And Realizes She’s Randomly Being Followed By 100+ Sheep

Eleanor Sholz was traveling through France with her boyfriend when she decided to go on a solo walk. Or, at least, she assumed she was alone. Eleanor Sholz was traveling through France with her boyfriend when she decided to go on a solo walk.

She had no idea the hike would be something she couldn’t get out of her mind.

What she experienced was unusual for an ordinary trek. Scholz was walking along a trail when she overheard sheep ble.ating.

It wasn’t strange because sheep are common in this area.
The sheep were following her. But when she had a closer look, she discovered something absolutely unexpected. She noticed another woman racing along the route, the sheep trailing after her.

She was being watched. “It took me a while to realize what I was seeing,” Scholz said to The Dodo. “At first, I believed she was a shepherd, but she wasn’t dressed like any shepherd I’d ever seen, and running seemed strange for a shepherd.” Then, fearing that she was being pursued and that she may be stampeded, I deviated from the route and slipped behind a tree.

When she came to a halt to chat with me, all of the sheep came to a halt and waited for her, and that’s when I recognized something very bizarre was going on.” Scholz was informed by the runner that these were lost sheep. She had no idea how they got lost, but she resolved to assist them to find their way.

They needed someone to follow, and she appeared like someone who would be a good fit.
As a result, they followed her. They didn’t appear to mind that they’d come to a halt on their journey. They had faith in their new leader to do the right thing.

Some even opted to stop and say hello to Scholz.

Imagine how perplexed Scholz must have been. For that matter, both ladies. “They simply stood there and waited, it was the craziest thing,” Scholz recalled. “Some of them came over to me right away, and I was afraid they’d start following me instead, but they remained there calmly as she and I chatted.” They didn’t appear worried or fatigued.” Scholz resumed her run once she and the runner ended their conversation.

The sheep continued to follow her.
Scholz had a moment when she felt she may be duped into being a shepherdess. “When they saw their buddies start to go, the few sheep who had been looking me out as a prospective new shepherd changed their minds – until the whole flock banded together and followed the runner off down the trail,” she explained.

The runner resolved to take her new responsibilities seriously. Her objective was to guide the sheep back to a grazing area that looked like it belonged to the sheep. “She appeared resigned to her new duty as [a] shepherdess and left me with the idea that she would figure it out and find them somewhere safe,” Scholz added.

“I’d want to know the entire tale, but I just had a small glimpse of her wild sheep encounter and am content simply to have witnessed it.”

Sholz shared a video of the shepherdess and her sheep on Instagram, where it quickly went viral.

“This is one of the nicest things I’ve ever seen.” “Do you believe they’re still after her?” Her caption said it all.

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