Rugs ‘Probably Saved Life’ Of Cob Trapped Neck-Deep In Bog

A cob narrowly escaped .dr.o.w.ning after being entangled in muck up to her neck.

Farrah, a mare, escaped from a grazing area in Amlwch, Isle of Anglesey, North Wales, on 5 February and plunged into a bog. Her owners contacted the RSPCA, who dispatched a team from Wales, as well as a veterinarian from Bodrwnsiwn Veterinary Practice and a local contractor.

“This poor horse was completely engulfed in the mud up to her neck,” RSPCA inspector Mark Roberts said.

“I don’t think her hooves even made it to the bottom.” We had to strain our arms as far as we could to wrap two straps around the horse’s body since the region around the animal was a dense layer of moss, reeds, roots, and muck. This was the most difficult and time-consuming phase of the rescue. We then draped a sheet over some moss that had formed a raft, and a vet arranged for a local contractor to arrive with a front loader, which we linked to the straps beneath the horse.

“We were able to get the horse out and onto the sheet, but she had to be towed for approximately 20 or 30 meters until she was back on firm ground.”

Farrah recovered well after being cleaned off, given treatment, and stabilized overnight.

“The vet assessed the horse and amazingly her core temperature was normal since she was wearing two rugs, which possibly saved her life and prevented hypothermia,” Mr Roberts continued.

“The horse was on her feet in ten minutes after being unstrapped, so we’re optimistic she’ll be well.”

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