Real dog hidden among dog-shaped balloons: Can you see him?

Did you know that people have birthday parties for their dogs? And why not, many people love their dogs as much as they love their children. They, too, are members of the family. Many dog lovers hold parties for their pups on social media sites such as more media network.

One such social media user shared a photograph that is causing an optical illusion on the internet. This optical illusion picture makes people question if there are actual dogs in the room for whom the party was originally planned.

The video shows us a room full of inflatable dogs. And among the silhouettes of the dogs is a real dog that was hard to see at first! And for the 25 million people who also watched the video, the challenge was also great! Sky, the Husky, didn’t seem to mind sitting in a room full of inflatable dogs at all.

Sky proves herself to be a pretty good hider as the camera pans across the dog-filled room. And some people were pretty shocked at how long it actually took them to spot the husky in the mob of fake dogs. It’s just too bad that Kakoa’s hiding skills aren’t quite up to the same caliber. In her own hide-and-seek video, it’s fairly easy to spot the young husky in the crowd of toy dogs. But that doesn’t make it any less cute.

Maybe Kakoa can learn a thing or two about hiding from Sky. And hopefully, there will be more fun find-the-dog challenges to come. In the meantime, scroll down to see if you can spot the real dog in the video.

Internet users have been racking their brains trying to spot Sky in the room:

“Honestly, it was a bit difficult. I had to look at it twice.”

Another said, “I had to look a few times. I thought you were making fun of us.”

Another person indicated that he was going to “go to the eye doctor” after failing to find the dog.

Others raised a crucial point: “The real question is how did you get your dog to stay still in all this?”



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