Pregnant Sheep Wearing A Bra Goes Viral! Here’s The Real Reason Behind Her Bizarre Clothing

After a triplet pregnancy left her udders scarred and droopy, a ewe sought comfort in a huge maternity bra.

Rose, a romney ewe from a small lifestyle farm in Clevedon, south Auckland, had her suspensory ligaments injured when she began producing huge amounts of milk when pregnant with triplets in her last trimester, causing them to hang low.

“When this occurs, the udder might droop so low that it is traumatized on the ground. It is a case for eu.tha.nasia unless the condition can be remedied “Dr Sarah Clews, a vet from Franklin Vets’ lifestyle farms section, agreed.

Dr. Clews advised Rose to wear a bra to elevate her udders off the ground after giving birth to three “gorgeous” black lambs on November 11. This was to make her more comfortable and to test whether the suspensory ligaments would heal without surgical intervention, which would cost over $1600.

Rose’s owners struggled to locate a bra large enough for the udders, but lingerie business Rose and Thorne – after which Rose is now called – provided a 24J maternity bra.
Rose’s udders regained in size after two to three weeks of wearing the bra, to the point that surgery to remove them was not necessary, all while continuing to milk her offspring through holes created in the bra for her teats.

Dr. Clews stated that the bra approach was so effective that she contemplated asking Rose’s owners if she could purchase the bra from them, as she encountered similar situations approximately once a year.

She claimed Rose’s situation was not uncommon in her line of work with larger farm dogs. “I’m immediately pushed to the head of the pack because everyone wants to do the additional hundred kilometers.”

“I am quite concerned about animal welfare.” I went to school knowing I wanted to work with pets and lifestyle animals to enhance animal welfare.”

Dr. Clews’ final advice was to not breed Rose again and to keep her away from the renegade black ram who had twisted her teats in the first place.

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