Pregnant Opossum Cuddles Up To The People Who Saved Her Babies Lives

Judy Obregon was driving to her mother-in-house-law’s when she noticed something out of the corner of her eye in the road.

When she got out of her car, she saw a little opossum laying still on the ground, which she believed was

The little animal lifted its head just as she turned to get back in her car. As Judy came closer, she discovered the animal was still alive and hadn’t been hit by a car.

Instead, it appeared to have been str.uck by an air cannon. Judy noticed the animal was pregnant after a closer investigation. Judy placed the opossum on the side of the road and covered her with a T-shirt to keep her warm because she was trying to lift her head and move. Judy has a lot of experience saving canines as the founder of The Abandoned Ones ‘Saving Animals in Danger,’ an animal rescue in Fort Worth, Texas, but not so much with smaller animals. So she contacted someone she knew would be able to assist her. Tabatha is a wildlife rehabilitator.

Judy decided to locate a box to keep the opossum, whom she’d called Angel, secure while she waited for Tabatha. She summoned her husband to assist her in caring for the opossum while she prepared the box for her.

Angel appeared at peace with him and clung to him tightly. She adored Judy’s husband’s company so much that pulling Angel away from him to get her inside the box to keep her safe was difficult.

Judy placed the box on the pavement so Angel could crawl into it on her own, assisting her with her hands.

Angel is quite probably the prettiest little opossum you will ever see, so we’re pleased she videotaped the entire affair. She was able to get a good look at Tabatha when she eventually arrived. ‘I could see on examination of her that she was struck, and I’m quite confident she was shot with a BB gun,’ she told The Dodo.

Four of her teeth were apparently, and the BB gun had hit a region on the roof of her mouth.

Fortunately, there was no severe or bones, so Angel only need careful love and care. Angel and her unborn children, according to Tabatha, have an excellent chance of survival. And, fortunately for them, Tabatha knows a man who owns 60 acres of hunting territory. He has agreed to let her bring Angel onto his land as soon as she is ready.

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