People Are Sharing Pics Of Their Cats Sleeping And The Pics Will Surely Brighten Your Day

My sleep-deprived eyes fill with envy whenever I see a cat dozing off in a shoe, a glass, or any other of the gazillion places they regularly choose. No matter where, no matter how they sleep, cats always look too darn cute. A kitty laying down completely straight on its back? Cute. Three critters dreaming in a ‘cat wheel’? You bet. No drool, no nothing.
Are you ready to Awwwww????

#1 The Time I Rescued A Crying Kitten Outside. My Cat Cudled Her

#2 A Stray Kitten Just Came Up And Took A Nap On My Lap. Best Moment In This Whole Mɪsᴇʀᴀʙʟᴇ Year

This is how you get a cat 😆
#3 A Tired Little Man

He is adorable, and smiling. I’ve never had a cat that slept in that position.
#4 Baby Kitty Sleeps With Mom

#5 My Dad Has Never Had A Cat But Loves Mine. He Found A Kitten Crying Outside A Couple of Days Ago Who Prefers Sleeping Like This

#6 Kitten Wheel

#7 My New Cat Only Sleeps On My Head. Meet Newt

#8 The Girls Napping

#9 I Was Freaking Out Cause I Couldn’t Find Him. Finally Found Him Sleeping Like This

#10 We Got A New Kitten, But I Think Our Cat Got A New Kitten

#11 Most Adorable Sleeping Loaf Of Bread

#12 No !!! Monday again. -( I want to sleep more.

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