People Are Loving The Adventures Of This Cat And Its Hedgehog Best Friend – Cute Pet Moment

Are you cuteness overload ready? Meet Herbee the hedgehog and Audree the Bengal kitten who are brightening up all of our lives with their beautiful friendship and playfulness.

Despite Herbee being a teeny-tiny hedgehog and Audree being a cat, the two have become inseparable. Talitha takes pictures of them against stunning backdrops as they all go on adorable adventures together. Not going to lie, their photos make me want to pack a suitcase and travel the world just like them (after the lockdown ends, of course).

“A few months after I adopted Herbee from a girl who couldn’t keep him due to severe allergic reactions, I adopted Audree. She was three months old when I got her and she was originally already reserved for someone who wanted to breed with her. But the lady canceled on her two days before I called,” Talitha told us.

The owner of these two animals, Talitha Girnus from Germany, regularly posts pictures of both of them on social media and their own Instagram page. It’s mostly Herbee the hedgehog that manages to capture the most attention online. With over 1,8 million followers on Instagram alone, this furry family is among the most followed on the internet.

“One night I had a dream that I had a Bengal cat that I took on adventures and we became the best friends ever,” Talitha said. “When I woke up and realized it was only a dream, I became sad. But a few moments later I realized that this dream wasn’t something that couldn’t turn into reality. And so I started to Google. The first cat I found was Audree and I saw her and knew it.”

Talitha took Herbee with her when she went to meet Audree for the first time. Despite Herbee being a teeny-tiny hedgehog and Audree being a cat, the two have become inseparable. But Herbee and Audree instantly became friends. Surprisingly, Herbee wasn’t scared of the cat and didn’t even put up his quills when they first met.

She regularly takes two on road trips and adventures together, and the fact that they’re two wildly different animals never hindered their friendship in any way. The pictures that she manages to snap are truly amazing, not only does she manage to find and pick the most amazing backgrounds, but these two furry friends definitely are quite photogenic as well.

“Now they’re inseparable! Wherever Herbee goes, Audree goes. She lays down on spots where he was, they sometimes even snuggle and play together.”


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