Old Dog Abandoned By His Family Was Found Begging For Food On Street

It is devastating for a dog to be abandoned by his family. Families might refuse to take care of sick or elderly dogs, but they do not realize the amount of misery it brings to the dog when they abandon him.

A dog whose name is Ray was abandoned by his family. The dog has been wandering in the streets of Torrance, Calif starving from hunger.

His body skeletal was seen as thin. His eyes were sad and crusty. He was missing his home but the owner didn’t care for him anymore and refuses him because of his elder age and sɪᴄᴋɴᴇss. The poor dog had to spend his go in the streets instead of getting care and love from his family.

Luckily, Ray was rescued by the workers at Carson Shelter in California. The shelter volunteers helped Ray gain back a number of his better health.

After 4 months of treatment and care, he has recovered and is preparing to be adopted by an inviting family. This will be a home of love, sweetness, and care for him all the time.

We hope he will recover and get the love and care that he really deserves. Ray’s attitude towards people still continues to be kind and joyful towards people.


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