Mother Hen Protects Babies From Heavy Rain With Her Wings – Pet Stories

Just like a human mama, a mother hen will do everything in her power to take care of her babies. An iconic symbol of motherly love, a mummy hen will care for her infant chicks; fussing over them getting proper food and constantly keeping one beady eye out for strangers.

The mother hen was spotted in Visakhapatnam, India. It was an extremely rainy day, and the hen was wandering around the fish market as she searched for scraps. Luckily, someone happened to take this viral video as the hen walked by. If you look at her face, the hen looks like any other chicken. It is only when you look underneath her body that you notice something unbelievably unusual. The protective mama is getting drenched with rain while her babies stay safe, dry, and warm.

In the video, as the rain falls down, the mama hen protects her chicks with her wingspan. She very clearly puts the welfare of her babies above her own, and you can even detect a bit of worry in her face and the way she looks nervously around her. She’s clearly worried about the welfare of her babies!

As she takes a step forward, the chicks stumble along and try to keep up with her pace. If you just glance at the image, it looks like the mother hen has 10 or more legs moving beneath her body. While they move too much to accurately count, it looks like the mother hen has at least five chicks underneath her wings.

“She isn’t so much trying to keep them dry (if you look closely they’re already saturated) as she is trying to keep them warm,” wrote user PurplePickel. “If they lose too much body heat they’ll die which is why they’re not making a run for shelter.”

This adorable clip has already gone viral online. As you can see in the video, the mother hen is a better parent than most people. Like human children, it does not seem like the young chicks realize the sacrifice that their mom is making for them.

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