Mother Dog Up To Protect Her Newborn Puppies After Giving Birth Amidst The Rubble With Great Effort

Dogs are man’s best friends, but who are dogs’ best friends? It might sound cliché, but almost all dogs simply want to give us unconditional love. Each dog has a different fate, not all are loved, have a home, and are fed every day. The dog below is a wandering animal, so hungry that strangers give instant food to tears.

A puppy in India was rescued after a passerby contacted the Animal Aid Unlimited shelter, after finding her and her puppies at a construction site.

Abandoned dogs carry a large burden on their shoulders, which becomes even more difficult when they must care for their young all on their own. That’s why this furry one, tired of surviving on the street, collapsed among the rubble of a construction site after giving birth to her pups.

Despite this stormy situation, she always wanted to make her puppies feel protected. For this reason, she hugged them between her paws to make sure that nothing bad would happen to them.
Also, to make it clear that she was willing to accompany them until the last moment.

A passerby who was passing by the demolished building where the dog and her puppies were, noticed the distressing situation they were living in. Because of this, he decided to act in time to save them.

Consequently, she contacted the organization “Animal Aid Unlimited” and the shelter volunteers immediately arrived at the scene.

As a result of this timely intervention, the organization’s workers were able to take the dog and puppies to their veterinary hospital. The mother began to receive the necessary treatment to recover from such a complicated delivery.

For their part, the puppies were kept warm and benefited from their mother’s improved health. They were able to feed her without any problem.

“The babies are doing so well now after Mama has rested for a couple of days. We’ll spay her once the babies are old enough to be weaned,” they added in a post on their Facebook page.


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