Mother Cheetah Shows Off Her Superb Hunting Skills As She Teaches Her Cubs How To Take Down An Impala

A pair of cheetah cubs learned how to snag a speedy supper by watching their mother hunt and .k.i.l.l an antelope in under 15 seconds.

The mother was bringing her children through Kenya’s Masai Mara National Park when she saw a solitary impala in the distance.

The cheetah, which can reach speeds of 60 mph in seconds, got into position before springing into action and pursuing. The impala had no chance, as the large cat caught it in only 15 seconds – barely enough time for the cheetah kids to notice what they were seeing. For around three minutes, the predator and victim were spotted wrestling with each other, but the impala eventually gave up and fell.

The cubs had hidden out of sight while their mother went hunting, but were summoned immediately after the hard struggle ended so the family could eat supper together. The tiny cheetahs may seem charming, but they are quite vi.o.lent, as seen by their apart the c.arcass of an impala as their mother slept after her struggle.

The breathtaking images were captured by photographer Massimo Mei, 53, while on a vacation to the African country. ‘When the impala was captured, we went swiftly – closer to the action and discovered the cheetah clamping it,’ said Mr Mei, an Italian from Rome.

‘It was like a funeral dance, with time moving slowly in sync with the impala’s breath becoming slower and slower.

‘The pursuit lasted about 15 seconds, but it took the impala almost three minutes to give up.’

‘The mother of four cubs, Malaika, or ‘Angel’ in Swahili, is highly known in the park.

Malaika attempted to drag the impala into the shadows, but it was too heavy, so she opted to cook the food for the cubs where it was.

‘When she was ready, she summoned the cubs. When they arrived and began feeding, I forgot about the misery I had witnessed.’

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