Monkey Hitches A Ride On The Back Of A Deer

An unexpected animal buddy pair has been delighting nature enthusiasts online.

A deer was sighted in southern India yesterday having a great time riding its companion, a little monkey.


The video, which shows the two walking around a campus examining vegetation and pipes, has now gone viral.

It’s unknown where the calm couple were going or whether their daring adventure was only a quick joy ride in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. However, the buddies appeared to be at ease in each other’s presence on the Madras Indian Institute of Technology college campus.

Their ages are unknown, however, both creatures look to be relatively young. At one point, the monkey assumes a jockey-like stance, with its enormous tail falling over the back of the spotted deer.

Monkeys and deers had previously been known to be friends.

Sika deer have long been known to be ridden by wild Japanese macaques.

In 2019, National Geographic revealed that these interactions are occasionally

However, the monkeys in Japan also receive transportation from their pals with perks.

It is said that the monkeys may occasionally groom the deer, who will then consume any fruits that the macaques drop.

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