Moment Animal Rescuers Pull A Goat Out Of The Mouth Of A 15ft Python Before It Slithers Away

A heart-stopping video shows forest officials in India removing a goat from the mouth of a 15-foot python.

On Wednesday, locals gathered in Jaitpur hamlet in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh after spotting the snake consuming its massive dinner.

Before its target, the snake had made its way into the settlement from the neighboring woodland.

The goat was by the time a team of forest authorities and a snake res.cue specialist res.cued it from the python’s grasp.

Despite the fact that the snake was somewhat sluggish after its large meal, it took the officials hours to capture the snake since it had sought refuge in a hole amid the shrubs. ‘It was a 15-foot-long python,’ claimed snake res.cue specialist Akhil Baba.

‘It was a difficult task to get the reptile out of the pit in the bushes, but we did it with the support of the people.’ A video filmed by a spectator shows Mr Baba holding the python’s jaws while other wildlife workers pull out the goat.

‘We attempted to save the goat, but when we took it out, it was already,’ said Rawat Tiwari, a forest official.

The python was eventually released back into the wild.

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