Moment A Mother Elephant Stamps A Crocodile To De.A.Th As It Stalks Her Calf In Zambia

Footage shows an enraged elephant trampling a crocodile to de.ath as it followed her young from the Zambezi river’s shallows.

In front of a safari party in Zambia, a huge female African elephant fought the crocodile aggressively.

The clip was captured by tourist Hans Henrik Haahr while on safari with a party from the Baines River Camp in the Lower Zambezi Valley. The crocodile, which seems to be between eight and ten feet long, is stamped on by the elephant in the harrowing footage. The elephant ruthlessly smashes the smaller predator as it thrashes beneath the surface.

After a minute, the elephant takes the crocodile by its tail and pulls it out of the water.

The crocodile does not resist, implying that it is or gravely at this point. Mr Haar, from rhus, Denmark, called the experience “”

The Baines River Camp posted the footage on their Facebook page in August, adding, ‘Guests observed this spectacular sighting unfold between two of Africa’s most feared mega-fauna.’

‘Perhaps this was a ve.nge.ance driven by earlier ambush attempts on her young or the larger herd by many a crocodile.’

‘Whatever it was, this cow was only here for one reason.’

‘While this film may be difficult to see, it depicts exactly how raw and brutal life is in the wilderness,’ the safari business noted.

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