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The Internet’s beloved angry cat, whose real name was Tardar Sauce, .pa.ssed .a.way, aged seven on May 14 2019. A fierce cat with a perpetually angry look has been hailed the new Grumpy cat by fans.

Meow Meow, a feline from Taiwan, has gone viral after feline fans noticed its likeness to the original moggy. Her owner said Meow Meow is also very elegant. For example, the adorable cat had kept her grace even when she stayed at the hospital for her .h.yperthy.roidism treatment. Now that’s class. Of course, she still hated everyone and everything throughout her visit, but that’s what is special about Meow Meow. The new grumpy cat expresses her disgust for the world with such dignity, she’s definitely one of the smoothest kitties out there!

She expresses her .d.isgust for the world with such dignity, she’s definitely one of the smoothest kitties out there!

“I met her at an old pet shop,” Meow Meow’s human, Clare, told . Interestingly, she said her pet was probably born even before the late Grumpy Cat. “Her ex-owner abandoned her for some unknown reason. She was 10 months old at that time, so I and my younger brother took her to our house and she became my first cat.”

Clare said that despite her grumpy look, Meow Meow is very sweet. “She massages me using her paws to wake me up every single day.”

Meow Meow wakes up very early and if her message doesn’t get Clare out of bed, she starts nibbling her owner until she gets her breakfast.

“After the meal, she washes and jumps onto one of her favorite places near the windows to watch the birds. Sometimes she even draws the curtains all by herself just to sit down and get a better look.”

Even though she looks like a tough cookie, Meow Meow’s only flaw is that she is a fussy eater, according to her owner who adopted her as a young kitten

‘Even when I take a picture of her and she looks at me, I find her very gentle,’ Clare said. ‘I even dressed her like a princess once, but my friends saw her and told me she looked more like a queen.’

However, the badass feline is quite picky when it comes to food and only likes one particular type of canned cat food.



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