Meet The Greater Kudu, The African Antelope With Symmetrical Spiral Horns

African horned antelopes are magnificent creatures. You might have seen these magnificent creatures on social media.

But have you ever seen an African antelope with spiral horns that are symmetrical? These are carried by the Greater Kudu.

The distinctive horns have gained notoriety. The antelope’s twisting horns are undoubtedly its most remarkable feature. They will always be able to make this animal stand out from the crowd.

When straightened, they may create two to two and a half complete twists and extend up to 47 inches. This African antelope species is only found in southern and eastern Africa. It prefers to live in the woods and feeds on shoots and leaves.

This species may still be seen in the wild, but it is more abundant in reserves, such as the Kruger National Park. Along with its twisted horns, this lovely creature is distinguished by white stripes on its tummy.

These stripes assist them to avoid being seen by lions, African dogs, and hyenas. When fully grown, a male Greater Kudu can weigh up to 700 pounds and stand 60 inches tall. They spend most of their lives on their own.

During the ma.ting season, they exclusively join a herd. Female Greater Kudus, on the other hand, establish groups of three to ten calves. When they are ready to give birth, they leave the herd. The moms then hide their calves in the jungle for 4-5 weeks to keep predators at bay.

They will, however, return to feed their children. In the wild, the calves establish a group with their moms. Their moms continue to care for and protect them until they are six months old. They will thereafter be able to live freely.

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