Meet Manny The “Selfie Cat” Who Takes Hilarious Photos With Big Guard Dogs

Yoerm Ahm launched an Instagram profile in 2013 where he uploaded GoPro camera images of wildlife he saw.

He had no idea a celebrity would be formed when a gray tabby cat called Manny stole his GoPro and shot a selfie, and it all happened by coincidence. “Manny learned to use the camera by accident one day when he reached out to touch the camera during a shot,” Yorem explained.

Then came “Manny The Selfie Cat,” also known as “Your Mom’s Favorite Cat,” and he swept the globe by storm.
Manny was a stray when he met Yorem; he was hunting for a place to live when he happened across Yorem and his wife’s land.
He was obviously in need of somewhere to stay, and the couple welcomed him into their house. Manny was the one who made the decision for them!

“He simply walked up one day and hasn’t gone,” Yorem told ABC News, adding that he quickly made himself at home!

Yorem and his wife also had other dogs and cats, with whom Manny instantly became great friends, despite the fact that he was no ordinary cat.

His charisma and charm quickly elevated him to the position of “alpha” in the pack, and he began making frequent appearances on Yorem’s Instagram.
Yorem could tell Manny adored being in the spotlight after a few photoshoots, both alone and with his brothers.

“He’s really interested, and whenever I take pictures of my dogs, he literally ‘photobombs’ the camera and attempts to grab it away from me,” Yorem explained.
He even described Manny as “the most bright, curious cat we’ve ever had.”

However, it wasn’t until something remarkable occurred that the pair understood just how clever and inquisitive Manny was.
Manny, the celebrity, was born.
Yorem was shooting his daily Instagram photoshoot with Manny, and his two dogs when something unusual happened.

“Manny learned to use the camera by accident one day when he reached out to touch the camera during a shot,” Yorem explained.

The end effect was wonderful, with multiple photographs of Manny “napping a selfie,” both alone and with others.
Yorem couldn’t stop laughing at the amusing photographs, so he posted one on Instagram, and soon, hundreds of others were laughing along with him.

Manny quickly became an internet phenomenon, earning the moniker “Selfie Cat.”
He is frequently spotted snapping selfies with Yorem’s pair of massive Rottweiler security guards.
Manny effectively took over Yorem’s account, and he now has 630k followers, all of whom are eagerly awaiting his next selfie.

Manny’s “security crew” will frequently sit alongside him with a silly smile, enjoying Manny’s company, as he has a large personality.
Manny has been covered in the international press and has even appeared on Ellen!

Yorem is incredibly pleased with Manny’s progress and ability to make people happy.

Manny’s Instagram page is where you can see more of him and follow his everyday life.
“It’s much better if he makes people smile,” Yorem said.

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