Meet Gimo, The Cat With The Biggest Eyes Ever – Cats

Forget everything you know about cute cats, because today we are going to show you a whole new lever of cuteness.

Gimo is a cat who is taking over the internet these days with the help of his giant round eyes and his fluffy black fur. His owners just can’t say no whenever Gimo looks them directly in the eyes, but after all, who could ever say no to such a cute cat?

Whether the Scottish fold cat is standing on his back legs, preparing to pounce from a secret location, casually sitting in a cardboard box or simply staring at you with his big-eyed kisser, Gimo does everything with a level of cuteness that puts normal cats to shame.

In fact, he could even teach classes on the art of being a cute black cat.

But he’d have to teach them in the day because you just wouldn’t see the black cat at night. Except for his eyes that is. Those big, round, mesmerizing eyes. Don’t look at them for too long. If you do, you might never escape.

Many people have compared him to an owl, a tribble (fictional furry alien creatures in the Star Trek universe) and even to the softballs in Miyazaki’s Spirited Away animated film because of his huge moist eyes.

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