Man Who Survived Being Stung 20,000 Times By Bees Wakes From Coma

A guy was stung almost 20,000 times by bees, 30 of which he swallowed while cutting tree branches.


On Saturday, Austin Bellamy, 20, was assisting a buddy when he had the hor.rific incident.

‘He was performing tree maintenance for a friend and chopped a lemon directly into a nest of African ki.ller bees and was stung over 20,000 times and is presently in the ICU on a ventilator and battling for his life,’ his mother Shawna Carter wrote on a GoFundMe campaign set up earlier this week.

Carter stated in an update on Thursday that her baby is still in the hospital with respiratory issues. ‘His oxygen continues decreasing, and he still can’t walk very well, and he’s still extremely shaky, but a lot of the swelling has gone down a lot,’ she explained. Carter claimed she passed out after learning what had happened to her kid.

‘It was simply too much for me,’ she explained.


‘He appeared to be wearing a black blanket around his head, neck, and arms.’ He had bees within him, which they suctioned out till Sunday morning.’


Despite the tens of thousands of stings, Bellamy is expected to recover.


His grandma Phyllis Edwards and uncle Dustin Edwards saw the awful occurrence.

‘I was planning on climbing the ladder to go to Austin.’ ‘But I couldn’t reach him because I was engulfed by bees,’ Phyllis explained to WXIX.


‘He attempted to anchor himself but couldn’t. “Help!” he screamed. Help me! Please!” And no one would assist him.’


Bellamy was rescued by a member of the Ripley Fire Department and sent to the hospital. According to WXIX, he awoke from a medically-induced coma on Wednesday night.


As of Thursday night, the GoFundMe campaign had raised more than $14,000.

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