Man Rescued Orphaned Pelican And Now They Have The Most Incredible Bond

A man res.cued an orphaned pelican, and the two have formed an incredible bond. “He’s now taken camp as his flock.

We’ve taught him almost all he needs to know “explains Jeffrey However, without his flock, Big Bird has struggled to master the abilities he requires to prosper – they even had to teach Big Bird how to fly.

“The trouble with the great white pelican is that they usually hunt in groups and are highly successful. However, being a single bird, catching enough fish to survive will be tough for him “he claims

Big Bird has been sliding into self-sufficiency thanks to Jeffrey and his employees, but it hasn’t been easy.

“We want him to go fishing for himself. We’re spending some time in the water with him, swimming and diving “According to Jeffrey. “I’ve been bringing him kayaking, and he’s been dragging his bill in the water, trying to catch a fish. He’s full of hope.”

That’s when they decided to try something new. The group started planting fish to educate Big Bird on how to survive on his own.

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