Man Is Moved To Tears During Unforgettable Visit From A Gentle Horse

Audrie Spake’s father Joo has been facing a multitude of health challenges that have kept him confined to bed for some months. While his doctors have done everything they can to help his body recover, Joo just had a visitor to help him repair his heart as well.

Paçoca is the name of the visitor. Paçoca is a therapy horse who works with volunteers from the NGO Coletivo Incluso, which aims to reach out to people with special needs. And how much of a difference it can make.

Earlier this week, Spake uploaded a moving video of Paçoca paying a visit to her father. Sensing the sort of relationship Joo need, Paçoca cuddled lightly against his chest in a modest exchange of comfort and affection.

“He was like that the whole time with my father,” Spake wrote. “It was beautiful!” Clearly, it was a visit Joo would never forget. And, perhaps, it will be more than just a memory.

Nowadays, an increasing number of medical professions recognize the therapeutic advantages of therapy animals on patients’ health and well-being.
According to the Mayo Clinic, “animal-assisted treatment can considerably improve pain, anxiety, sadness, and exhaustion in persons with a variety of health issues.” “And it’s not only folks with health issues that benefit. Family and friends that attend animal visits report feeling better as well.”

“It was an unfathomable moment,” Joo’s daughter writes of Paçoca’s visit.

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