Mama Duck Takes Ducklings To Visit The Same Nursing Home Every Year

Every year, this mom duck takes her ducklings through the same structure! Humans are accustomed to reading stories about adorable cats and dogs who perform amazing things for their owners. We have come to anticipate these things from cats and dogs, whether it is saving them from a fire or going large miles to meet their owners. But what about other animals? There appears to be a growing recognition that other creatures are similarly amazing in terms of drive and intelligence.

Recently, one mom duck has been acting suspiciously. Every year, one mother duck brings her ducklings to the same location. A nursing facility in Upstate New York has become accustomed to the adorable tiny critters’ annual visits!

The home even has a small custom associated with the entrance of the ducklings. When the mother duck arrives each year, she travels along the main corridor of the MM Ewing Continuing Care Center. Even more bizarre, all of the present occupants emerge from their apartments to cheer on the small boys as they make their way around the building!

The mom duck gained famous after the house posted about her on their Facebook page. Anyone who appreciates charming things has taken notice of this adorable phenomenon. On their Facebook page, they stated:

“Mama takes the same route every year.” Facility Services employees, one of whom noted, “She has us taught,” have outdated signage to gently lead her and her baby if they appear to be getting distracted. They make their way to the light via an open door at the end of the corridor.” What’s strange is that the duck feels so at ease traveling inside a building with other people. The entire building joins in on the fun by assisting with the ducks’ voyage.

Every year when they visit, the staff and residents prepare signs to keep the family on track. The entire facility enforces a strict “No Duckling Left Behind” policy to ensure that everyone stays on course and does not get diverted. They all make signals and ensure that the mom duck and her children stay on a straight course and don’t get locked in a room.

People adore the narrative; who wouldn’t?

As we learn more about animals, it appears that many of them have high intellect, behaviors, and feelings that delight humans. This mom duck knows she is safe there, so she continues returning! According to one commenter:

“I appreciate you sharing. That is priceless. Mrs. Duck is very shrewd and clever in defending her young.”

Every year, we look forward to the adventure!
We are able to follow up with the remarkable voyage of the mom duck year after year since this is more than a fortuitous occurrence. Every year is like a fresh episode of “The Adventures of Ducks”! It looks like something from a nature documentary.

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