Loyal Dog Found Waiting For Owner Who Pᴀssᴇᴅ Aᴡᴀʏ At Pier For A Month – Loyal Dog

A dog’s loyalty knows no bounds. The photo of a faithful dog waiting at a pier has touched hearts of locals in Thailand. The dog appears to be on the look out for her owner’s return after she reportedly fell off a boat she lived in, and has been waiting in the same spot for almost a month.

Facebook user Thanawan Thongporn posted the photo of Facebook with the dog’s story, hoping she could help find the dog a home.
Thanawan captioned the photo and explained: “‘I’m lonely.’ She’s waiting for her owner. She fell off a boat and has been living at Rama V pier for almost a month.

She’s very smart and cute. People feed her every morning and after she finishes eating, she always comes back to sit at this spot like this…as if she’s looking for the boat she used to live in.”

She added, “I feel sorry for the dog. Someone, please adopt her. I would have done it if my home had a space for another dog. Or I hope she reunites with her owner soon. Everytime I see her like this, I tear up.”

Many locals have shared the post and are checking missing dogs posted on the Internet with the photo of the pier dog. Thanawan also posted an update in the comment section saying that someone has offered to adopt the dog.

Thankfully, the dog was adopted by Thanawan, a kind woman, who decided to end her .s.uffering. The woman named the dog “ThaReua”, which means pier in English. Thankfully, the dog is completely healed, and she returns her trust in humans.

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