Little Girl And Baby Gorilla Playing Pattycake At The Zoo Show How Alike We Really Are

Gus, a newborn gorilla, was different from the start. Given that western lowland gorillas are categorized as highly, his very presence is a miracle.

He is also the first gorilla born in the 107-year history of Texas’ Forth Worth Zoo.

So when he was born, everyone was overjoyed. Not only because he’s unique, but also because who doesn’t adore babies? “Everyone adores infants. Everyone with a soul adores infants. That’s why when a new baby arrives at the Fort Worth Zoo, we all become a bit thrilled.”

“So, when the Fort Worth Zoo informed us, months ahead of time, that they were anticipating the birth of a western lowland gorilla, we began crafting a launch strategy to make the news,” Schaefer AD Co. said on their website. The advertising firm decided to create a campaign that showed how many young gorillas resemble human children. Especially when it comes to development and growth.

They had no clue Gus’s contact with a 2-year-old kid would provide them with the ideal publicity opportunity to support their campaign. The snapshot of Gus, a 5-month-old, and Braylee, a toddler, playing Patty Cake through a glass wall instantly went viral.
A snapshot of these playmates went viral throughout the world.

A video on the topic has been seen over 3.5 million times on Inside Edition’s YouTube channel. “What a tender moment between a young girl and a gorilla.”
“As they push their palms together through the glass cage, these two are very adorable.”
Gus is a 5-month-old Iowland gorilla with an amazing story.
The species is critically endangered.”

“He is also the Fort Worth Zoo’s first gorilla birth in its 107-year existence.”

“As Gus grows older, he enjoys exploring his surroundings, which includes encounters like this one,” the video’s caption reads.

The child is stooping at the knees in the shot so she may rest her hands on the glass where Gus has his on the other side.


It exemplifies the beauty of newborns, whether they are human or animal.
Also, seeing how little Gus is in comparison to the kid is just too adorable.

Gus, on the other hand, has always been lovely and highly lovable. When he was born, there was a massive name-choice contest with over 8,800 votes.

Grover, Gus, and Mosi were the options for participants.

According to WFAA, “local celebrities also promoted their choice name, and TCU’s SuperFrog actively campaigned on behalf of Gus.”

“However, after Pittsburg State learned about the competition, they pushed their students to vote for the name that also happens to be the name of their mascot, Gus the Gorilla.”

Gus jumped from third to first place in under 24 hours, overtaking Mosi and Grover.” Gus has grown into a mature young man. But he’s not too old to spend time with his parents, Elmo and Gracie.
He still adores them as much as he did when they gave birth to him.

And making new pals as a 5-month-old.

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