Incredible Moment A Stag Sneaks Up Behind A Clueless Wildlife Photographer

To acquire the perfect image in wildlife photography, you must be patient.
This is the moment a magnificent photograph of a stag in the wild among a thick carpet of ferns was captured.

Unfortunately, not all of the photographers out that day were that fortunate, as one specific shooter lost out on a wonderful photo opportunity with a stag standing directly behind him. He had his camera lens pointing in the incorrect direction! He appeared to be utterly unaware of the gorgeous deer standing directly behind him in Busy Park, west London.

The photographer was probably hating himself for losing out on the “money shot” because he was too preoccupied with something else in the distance.

Roger Clark, a talented wildlife photographer who was out seeking for red deer to capture, took the photographs in this story. “We hadn’t covered the red deer breeding season this year, and with rutting still going on, we decided we’d give it a shot,” Roger explained. “We observed a man with a camera put on a tripod intensively concentrating on some deer activity in the ferns in front of him, ignorant of the enormous beast behind him,” he said.

“Given the angle, I was at, it appeared as though the stag was nuzzling up to pick a pocket off his jeans, so I shot a photo since it looked amusing.” “However, it was strange that a wild animal could be that close without being spotted.”

“A few seconds later, the deer backed up and seemed to glance at the photographer, saying, ‘Your model is just behind you!'” “Do you think I’m not good enough for you?”

“The photographer never realized what he had missed, and the red deer and I both gave up and walked off in opposite ways.”

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