Hungry Dog Rests His Head On A Chair In A Restaurant Waiting For Food To Be Given To Him -DOG

Heartbroken to know that there was this DOG who looked from outside a restaurant as people feast on their food, and NOT ONE had the initiative to share even just their leftovers. The sad truth is most of us actually waste food with no acknowledgment of the fact that our leftovers can be someone’s decent meal. Please don’t be selfish. Be the reminder that everyone needs, pack your leftover and share it with a hungry tummy. Sometimes Kindness does not cost a thing.

Every day the streets of our cities are crowded with more and more desolate and hungry dogs. These animals lack the necessities of an ordinary dog, not only nutrition but also a shelter where they can be safe. So, feeding a dog in this situation is an act of kindness that in our next story will not go unnoticed.

That’s precisely what the Twitter user, @SuavesLomitos, wanted to demonstrate and share with their followers through a post titled:

“How ugly it is to be hungry and not to be able to say it”

The post automatically went viral and garnered hundreds of reviews and more than 4,000 retweets.

As we can see in the Tweet post, the poor hungry dog sat beside tables of a restaurant to “beg” for a bite of food, resting his head on each of the chairs whose tables have customers to see if anyone would throw him some of their leftovers.

The post warmed the hearts of netizens and many left comments, proof that the readers were moved by the humble attitude of this hungry dog.
“How sad it is to have 5 senses and not be able to perceive,” one user said as a critique of most people’s indifferent attitude.

The person who shared this story was one of the customers at that time and was outraged by the behaviors of some customers who would not even share their small leftovers with the poor hungry pup. However, another internet user had the initiative to suggest that people always carry a bag of croquettes so that, in these cases, they will not go hungry wherever they go. In that way, they may also be able to share extras with someone hungry, human, or otherwise.
“A good initiative is to carry a bag of croquettes. I know it would be best to rescue them or take them to a shelter, but when conditions are limited, as in my case, even if it’s a little love and a little food would be great,” a Twitter user said.


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