Hungry Dog in a Train Trying to Get Prawn Crisps is Caught on Camera and Goes Viral

During a train ride, a woman noticed a hungry Golden Retriever spotting the prawn crisps packet which was on her table. She captured the moments wherein the dog tried its best to grab the snacks while on the journey until its frustration sunk in. The 4-photo collage instantly went viral and was re-posted by Walkers Crisps ambassador Gary Lineker.

Four photos of a Golden Retriever dog were made into a collage and shared on a social media page. In a short time, the photo collage instantly became viral. The photos show the dog ‘eye’-ing the packet of prawn cocktail-flavored crisps that was on the table of the passenger behind it.

In the first, photo shows the dog staring at the snacks from in between two seats and observing the reaction of the snack owner behind it.

The second photo shows the dog trying to push its snout in between the snug space of the 2 train seats.

In the third photo, the dog tried to reach the snacks with its long tongue, which was inches away, but still, to no avail.

The last photo revealed clearly showing its desperation to reach the snacks but couldn’t claim it despite being just a few inches away.

Some netizens created a meme out of the last photo and compared it to the theatrical poster of Jack Nicholson’s iconic facial expression in the 1980 thriller movie, The Shining. Hundreds of dog lovers around the world left comments on the collage post, and most of them were hilarious.

It was no doubt hilarious, and the photos first shared by @hugoandursula on Instagram have since been re-shared by Walkers crips ambassador Gary Lineker. In the comments, some people posted memes comparing the dog’s look to Jack Nicholson’s iconic face through the door.

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