Hundreds Of Homemade Beds Are Placed On The Street By A Woman, And Kittens Rush To Sleep With Them

When temperatures drop, those who tend to be most affected are those living on the streets, with nowhere to go to find shelter. But it is not only people who suffer from these problems but also homeless animals who are at risk from this situation.

Without a place to get the necessary heat during these cold seasons, they could even die, because there are no huge shelters to house the animals when the frost days arrive.

Fortunately, sometimes there are people who care about furry strays and do what they can to ease their suffering a little. This is the case of a woman from the suburb of Yenifoca, in the province of Izmir, Turkey, who designed cheap houses for cats.

It is a product made with household waste that can be turned into a warm space for homeless kittens to come closer and sleep in better conditions. They appreciate it.

“I cut the mouths of the water bottles and glued them to a thick board with silicone so that the kittens don’t get cold. I put blankets, and mattresses and built a cat house in our garden. I’ve seen this idea on Facebook. The weather is cold. Maybe you want to do it too,” Yeşim Yücel said in a post.

The idea was received by a group of animal lovers on this social network, who applauded the initiative and appreciated that Yeşim took the time to explain it in detail.

As seen in the photos shared by the user, these little plastic houses are filled with blankets and quilts that would keep cats cozy and warm at night. A little solidarity is appreciated.

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