Humpback Whale Narrowly Misses Fishing Boat As It Bursts From Water

A lone fisherman was met with a massive humpback whale breaking out of the ocean dan.ger.ously near his boat, which was caught on camera.

In Monterey Bay, California, the whale narrowly avoided colliding with a tiny fishing boat before plunging back into the sea. The shot was taken from the window of a neighboring boat by photographer Douglas Croft and whale watcher Kate Cummings.


“It was a lot of fun!” Mr. Croft stated. “Salmon season coincides with humpback whales coming to Monterey Bay to eat for the summer, and there were hundreds of boats fishing on the bay.” “This whale has breached a few times before this, and they’ll simply keep doing it.” According to Mr Croft, the angle at which he snapped the photo from a window near the waterline made the whale appear considerably larger than it was.

“That’s what gives you this incredible perspective of staring up at the whale,” he explained.

“Because the boat is closer, it should appear larger, yet the whale is massive!” he continued. I’d probably need some new undergarments if I’d been the fisherman.” Ms Cummings, who shot the footage, said the whale breached several times before rising near the fishing boat.

“Sometimes when whales breach many times, they’re also traveling in a precise direction underwater, generating momentum for the next breach,” she explained.

“I believed the next breach would be near the fishermen because the whale was traveling in that direction, and sure enough… I didn’t anticipate the whale and the boat to be so perfectly aligned.”

Humpback whales may grow to be up to 60 feet long and can be found in waters all around the world.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, the species’ population has increased in recent years as a result of commercial whaling prohibitions, although it is still classified as end.ang.ered.

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