Huge Flock Of Birds Seen Mysteriously Dropping-De.Ad Mid-Flight In Video

Authorities are perplexed by a viral video showing about a hundred birds plummeting to the ground in northern Mexico with no apparent cause. Authorities are baffled by a viral video showing a massive flock of birds apparently in mid-flight.

Close to a hundred yellow-headed blackbirds fell to the ground in the northern Mexican city of Chihuahua while migrating from northern Canada to Mexico for the winter. The event occurred on February 7th, early in the morning. Local authorities visited the location and confirmed the discovery of “hundreds” of birds.

Local neighbors contacted the police after seeing dead birds on their roads and walks, according to El Heraldo de Chihua.

Authorities are perplexed as to what k.i.lled the birds, with one local veterinarian proposing that they may have swallowed harmful gases from a nearby heater or been victims of an overcharge from power lines. It might, however, have been due to the frigid weather.

Another possibility is that the incident was caused by a bird mistake. Birds flying in a murmuration (when a huge group of birds all fly together and change direction at the same time) are typically elegant, but it’s likely that this flock made a mistake while evading a predator.

A similar phenomenon occurred in the UK last month, with hundreds of birds observed dropping from the skies in Pembrokeshire, perplexing people. One woman was shocked to see the “eerie scene” as she stumbled across the birds laying in the roadway. Michaela Pritchard witnessed a “massacre” while driving between Waterston and Hazelbeach in Pembrokeshire, Wales. She believed that roughly 200 birds had fallen from the sky unexpectedly, and others speculated that the neighboring Dragon LNG project was to blame, which the business disputed.

One witness in neighboring Waterston said he heard a loud blast before seven or eight birds poured down on his car.
Other hypotheses proposed by WalesOnline include electrocution or being chased by a bird of prey at twilight before collapsing on the road surface.

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