Horse Plays Dead Every Time Someone Tries To Ride Him

According to Aristotle, we may acquire happiness through developing our natures. That entails accepting and polishing who we truly are on the inside.

And it seems like solid counsel for all living things, not just humans. However, one dumb horse is probably too busy horsing around to attend its Philosophy 101 lectures.

Jingang, a theatrical horse, aspires to be more than just a steed. It does not appear to like being ridden by others, as a horse should. Instead, it makes every effort to avoid completing its duty. Jingang the horse over-theatrically pretends to be ‘dead.’ It’s ridiculous.


It’s amusing. And it demonstrates that certain animals would sooner snooze than earn their carrots the way we do — by the sweat of our brows.

Frasisco Zalasar’s compilation film depicting the horse escaping its ‘chores’ by tragically ‘’ received over 82,000 likes.

The viral video has also been shared 630,000 times. These large numbers indicate that many identify with Jingang’s antics. Particularly on Mondays. Most of us don’t spend our days thinking about horses, so it’s easy to overlook what magnificent creatures they are.

Double ‘D’ Trailers has compiled a list of interesting and unique facts about our equine companions, so buckle up and enjoy the journey. Did you know that horses can run within a few hours of being born?

That is really intriguing to me. Imagine if humans were capable of doing so. Tell your pals the next time you see a horse ‘laughing,’ that the animal is actually doing a nose-enhancing technique (called ‘flehmen,’ which aids in determining whether a scent is nice or foul.


Furthermore, horses are not colorblind, as was often thought; nevertheless, they perceive purples and violets better than greens and yellows. If you’re ever in question about whether a horse is male or female, look it in the mouth: if it has 40 teeth, it’s male; if it has 36 teeth, it’s female. Arm yourself with these interesting facts and go out and wow your friends.

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