Horse Notices Heartbroken Owner, Comforts Her In The Sweetest Way

God created animals and humans and placed them in the Garden of Eden for a reason: He knew we needed each other. Now, a touching video of a horse soothing his owner, who is going through a difficult divorce and is clearly sad, confirms this. Shiner, the 4-year-old Chestnut gelding in the video, can be seen urging his owner towards himself as if sensing her feelings.

Horses can read humans in uncanny ways, making us aware of our melancholy or anxiousness before we notice it. Shania, his owner, explains, “I was going through a divorce and was moving out that day.” “Whenever I engage with my horses, I always have my camera ready,” she explained. “I was just hiding from my feelings, and my horse, Shiner, sensed it.” He sensed my anguish and simply drew me into his chest to let me weep it out while reassuring me with his nudges.”

Horses may create intricate social ties among a close-knit band of five to ten of them, such as foals, fillies, stallions, and mares, as well as with their humans. Domestic horses can feel even the slightest shift in their owners’ tone of voice, touch, or body rigidity. Hundreds of individuals who saw this video commented by expressing they were extremely affected by the horse’s sensitivity and caring for his owner.
“So God made the big sea animals and every living thing that teems in the water and moves around in it, according to their types, and every winged bird according to its kind.” And God perceived everything to be good.”

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