Homeless Man Pleas With Public To Find His Dog After It Was Stolen – Dog Moments

Nathan is a homeless man from Sydney, Australia who has been sleeping rough outside a Hungry Jack’s. His constant companion is his beloved dog, Shaggy. The adorable older pup went missing from the Circular Quay area after Nathan went to go use the public bathrooms.

He just sells gum to get bread for Sol and himself.

A woman called Alejandra Silva, who works at a gasoline station, said that nobody knows the incident’s information, and asked rescue groups to assist Alejandro.
The post included a picture of Nathan’s cardboard sign, as well as a picture of Shaggy.

The sign that Nathan wrote said, “Please help, she is all I have.” It also described Shaggy as “an older, dark brown small-breed dog.”

Thankfully, a rescue group joined to assist Alejandro and took footage from the safety cameras of the gasoline station, but they found nothing. They posted many flyers in hopes that the dog is going to be seen by people.

Both Nathan and Shaggy have been best friends after he rescued her around Christmas time last year. He’d found the poor dog abandoned in a dumpster in Surry Hills, Sydney. The poor dog had been dumped with a shopping cart stacked on top of her!

After being abducted on the streets of Sydney last month, Sol finally returned to his caretaker, a loving homeless man.

The puppy was reunited with its owner on Friday after Antony Blanchard, president of the Mexican-based animal welfare group Cause Animale Nord, admitted to the organization’s wrongdoing in the theft of the homeless man’s puppy.

After rescuing her, Nathan managed to nurse her back to health. The pair have been caring for one another ever since.

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