Homeless boy clings to his puppy for love and warmth as everyone walks by

Have you ever wondered what a true act of love means? Perhaps for some people, it is about giving something material; for others, it means spending time with that special someone without giving or receiving anything in return.

But, there are few people who, when thinking of having an act of love, the beneficiary is someone other than their family circle, or their close friends.

Certainly, although homeless people or stray dogs can move us and leave us with a heavy heart, rarely do we really decide to act. And they simply need an act of love to change their lives forever.

Recently, the photo of a homeless boy sleeping and hugging his puppy, who has become his faithful companion and only family, has gone viral.

The sad images reveal two little beings, so different, but both vulnerable. Unfortunately, his helpless condition does not seem to worry anyone, since there are many who pass by his side, indifferent, ignoring that on the ground there are two bodies that cry out to be rescued.

Until now, it is only known that he sleeps with his pet on the sidewalk near the central train station in Manila, Philippines. The child has been identified, named Rommel. According to Rommel, his father left them in 2009. His dad fell in love with their nanny and never returned to his family. His mother is still around but doesn’t care that Rommel spends most of his time on the streets. Sometimes, Rommel stays with his older sister, who is at work more often than not.
Rommel wants to go to school and is trying to save up to go, but in the Philippines, education isn’t free. Rommel also saved up money to get school supplies so he could further his education. He explained that he found the puppy and named him Badgi. Most of the time, Badji is Rommel’s only real companion.

This little boy, despite everything that has happened, has not abandoned his puppy, demonstrating their great bond and the true meaning of love.

The photos were captured by Jem Villomo, a young man who lives near the city, and shared them on his Facebook account in the hope of raising awareness and getting someone to give them all the help they deserve. In this regard he comments:

Sadly stories like these are repeated throughout history. Let us remember Quemenales, another 11-year-old boy who lives on the streets and also found his greatest consolation in a puppy.

These stories cannot help but cause us indignation and a lack of sensitivity to act and give these children, along with their pets, the life they deserve.

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