Hilarious Video Shows Fight Between Rat And Its Owner As Rodent Repeatedly Steals Rent Money Off The Couch

A thief sprinting on all fours is difficult to stop.

That’s what a couple discovered the hard way after filming a pet rat’s frequent efforts to s.te.al a woman’s rent money in a humorous video.

The hairy beast snags the money with its teeth and dashes back to its cage in the brief video. While American Dad plays in the background, the white-and-brown rat enters the cage and deposits its reward inside, only to have it removed by a mannish human hand. The rat rushes back out and attempts to take another $20 bill, struggling with the cameraman to reclaim the money.


It steals two dollars the following time and nearly makes it back to the cage before being snatched up and sent back to square one. But, unfazed, the rat steals another $20 and fights hard to preserve it, eventually losing. ‘Give me the $20,’ the guy screams repeatedly to the mouse, who scurries back to the cage with the money between its jaws.

As American Dad continues to play in the background, a woman can be heard chuckling at the scene. The rat attempts, again and again, to get its hands on the money, but the cameraman takes up the wad of cash and waves it at the rodent.

The video concludes with the fuzzy creature making one more effort at the cash.

The location of the video is unclear, however, it appears to be in America.

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