Hikers Find Dog Lost At National Park, Carry Her Over 3-Miles To Safety

In the summertime, we should never underestimate the heat. As temperatures soared in the mountainous hills of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area, a struggling, dehydrated canine needed help — luckily, one was ready to go.

As three hikers made their way through a secluded section of Australia’s Mt. Glorious National Park, they heard a splashing sound from a creek bed up ahead. They approached carefully and quietly, expecting to see a kangaroo or a platypus, but were stunned when they saw a chubby dog struggling to free herself from the water instead.

Salapek is a mountain ranger, and when he was made aware of the emergency situation, he quickly jumped to action. Salapek knew that there was a cold stream further down the mountain, and if he could just get the pup there, he might be able to cool it down.

The kind hikers tried pushing/carrying her, but that proved too danɢᴇʀᴏᴜs and challenging. They determined that they needed to create some type of moving device if they were to get Miss Piggy to safety.
One hiker walked back to the car – 15 minutes each way – to retrieve a large canvas bag and they fashioned a stretcher using ropes, towels, and a thick branch.

The two men carried the 85 – 90 pound dog while the woman walked ahead clearing away branches and brush from their path.

45 minutes later, they were back at the car where Miss Piggy began to transform into a new dog. By the time they had reached home, she was wagging her tail and smiling from ear to ear.

The trio posted Miss Piggy’s photo online and soon found a match! It turns out Miss Piggy is actually Elly-Bob, a precocious and well-loved pet who had escaped from her owner’s yard nearly 10 miles from the secluded spot in the park where she was found.

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