Heartwarming Photos Of Rescued Dogs Before & After Their Adoption – Dogs Rescue

There are very few things in life that are more satisfying than nurturing something and watching it thrive.

The urge to nurture is a very basic human instinct, and it’s on full display whenever someone adopts a dog that no one else wants. Each day, millions of dogs are brought to shelters across the world, each one unloved. When a person makes the decision to adopt a dog, they’re literally saving its life.

Though the sight of these poor stray dogs in their before state might speak volumes on animal a.b.u.s.e, the happy endings to their stories help us keep faith in humanity.

Here are some heartwarming photos of rescued dogs before and after their adoption.

1.A loving owner can make such a difference.

2. From being .w.eak to becoming majestic.

3.A few months after adoption and now he’s all smiles.




7. This is what some loving care can do to rescue dogs




8.This dog’s plea to be freed has come true

9. The dog is strong!!!

10. This is what some loving care can do to rescue dogs.






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