Heartwarming Moments Man Helps Baby Squirrel Drink From His Water Bottle

It is not common to find a squirrel interacting with a human being. Squirrels mostly run off when we get closer to them. No matter what they were doing before, when one walks close to them, they run away. However, a viral video online has brought out a different picture of squirrels that are a lot tamer.

Jomar Robles, a landscaper in Dallas, Texas, was suddenly approached by a small animal while he was on the job. Unfortunately, it seemed that the little one needed some help.
The squirrel came near the landscaper on a hot March day. Robles is an animal lover. He thought that if a wild animal approaches a human, then there must be something wrong. He was walking when the squirrel saw him. She followed the landscaper, and so Robles gave her water. According to him, the lovely squirrel was extremely thirsty.

Robles opened his bottled water and knelt to give the poor little one some water.

The squirrel placed her paws on his hand, taking small sips. The gesture seemed to tell him to keep going.

As small as it is yes, the squirrel drank it all. One can only imagine how thirsty the poor thing must have been. This was a great act of humanity and this person’s kindness has won the hearts of many with the online video of this kind gesture.

Despite what we think, wild animals all over the world are actually able to communicate with humans, if the situation calls for it. Many wildlife reserves are approached by animals looking for help, but even on other occasions, wild animals show that they can interact with humans. One such example is the African honeyguide, a type of bird that helps humans find honey bee nests in exchange for a share of the delicious bounty.

It shows that animals, especially those living in towns, also have to adapt to a different kind of lifestyle to survive, one that involves being able to mingle with humans. This squirrel clearly learned that plastic bottles may contain water and that humans will be more inclined to share if it makes a begging gesture.

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