Heartwarming moment loyal dog pushes owner’s wheelchair across the street

An animal lover wondered if he and other people were worthy of having the companionship of a dog. ‘We humans really don’t deserve them!! They are just amazing!’


Here’s one good reason why you can’t question a dog’s loyalty to its owner. Viral footage on TikTok shows a pooch using its head to push along a man bound to a wheelchair to cross the street in the Mexican municipality of Ecatepec last Thursday.

The video, shared on TikTok by a user named Brenda Briones, shows the loyal dog pushing the man’s wheelchair from behind:
There is no information about the man, but from the video, it appears that he is unable to walk and unable to push the wheelchair with his arms. But the loyal dog is happy to give him a push — and he even knows when and where to stop.

In the video, the dog stops before a busy street until traffic subsides, then gets back behind the wheelchair and safely guides his owner across:
He then walks around the wheelchair and lowers the head underneath the seat and leads its human pal across the street.

The heartwarming, unbelievable moment wowed local bystanders, including Brenda, who can be heard saying “Oh, how beautiful” as she records.

A TikTok user added: ‘Good dog. There are many dogs (that) have better hearts (than) many humans.’

Another person wrote: ‘A dog (who) is able to do that is (true) friendship with loyalty.

It comes after last month researchers discovered genetic clues to how dogs became man’s best friend


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