Heartbreaking moment little girl sings ‘You are my sunshine to her ᴅʏɪɴɢ cat

Cat lovers can be any age, and whether young or old, their love for the furry family runs deep. And when it’s time for our fur darlings to go, that love offers comfort in the most difficult of moments. At only four years old, Abby Merryn already understood this fact when it came to saying goodbye to her best friend, Bailey the cat.

When she was born, Abby finds an inseparable friend in the family’s cat – Bailey. The 14-year-old senior cat and the little girl became best buddies and they’ve done everything together. Although the two have shared plenty of tender moments. Abby even loves singing and reading to her tabby cat. Amazingly, Bailey seems to understand every word purrfectly.

“He was one in a million who allowed two little girls to give him baths, feed him in high chairs, push him in strollers, dress him up, put fake makeup on him, rock him in cradles, sit at a table while they fed him plastic food, sleep with them at nap time and bedtime, among many other things.”

But as a sad reality of life, animals live much less than humans. So while Abby was growing up, her kitty was getting older and her medical condition was deteriorating by the day. Until she sadly (ᴘᴀssᴇᴅ ᴀᴡᴀʏ). But not before sharing one last tender moment with her best friend.
Abby’s last song “You Are My Sunshine” to Bailey before her furry friend crossed the rainbow bridge. Just hours after this moment was filmed, Bailey go to forever.

When their favorite cat and best buddy, Bailey passed away right before Christmas, these two cute little girls-the 4-year-old Abby and her younger sister Hannah received endless support in form of cards and gifts from all over the world.
Bailey’s mother responded to all of the kind cards and comments by thanking the nice people who decided to give up time out of their day to help during this sad time. She said that the support was helping and that it was nice to see so much love and a sense of community when so much negativity is seen online most of the time.

“In a world where you hear a lot of the negative, you’re seeing right here some of the positive. Thank you to all who sent cards, they loved opening them. You made this difficult time a little easier,” Abby’s mother said. Despite Bailey’s passing, her memory continues to live on in their hearts, and she will never be forgotten.





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