Hawk Just Can’t Understand Why This ‘Duck’ Isn’t Afraid Of Him

Even though the animal kingdom is full of unlikely friendships, it is important to remember that fights are also a part of the animal kingdom in which the predator chases the prey.

Today’s story is about a hawk whose status was called into question. In our narrative, the beautiful hawk stumbled and found a duck while out seeking something to eat.

The duck was lying happily on a patch of grass, oblivious to the presence of the huge hawk. The hawk was taken aback because the duck looked to be doubting his authority. The raptor couldn’t stand being ignored in this way.

There was also the fact that this hawk did not want his profession as a fearsome hunter to be overshadowed by a meager duck, especially when the duck was an uneven opponent. The duck didn’t seem to be aware of the hawk’s hunting strategy, and the hawk was unhappy since he couldn’t instill fear in this bird.

However, the hawk was unaware that this duck was only a decoy and a phony figurine. This is why the duck is not frightened by the presence of this dangerous bird. Fortunately for you, we have video evidence of the whole encounter, which is bound to be entertaining. For a brief time, the befuddled hawk tries to intimidate and defeat this unusual-looking duck.

The hawk may be seen gazing about from time to time as if checking to make sure he isn’t being made a fool of by someone. At first, the hawk moves quickly toward the duck, attempting to seize it with its claws.

After observing no reaction from the other end, the hawk circles the duck, putting its claws all over its body as though attempting to rouse the duck from a deep slumber.


Finally, all of his attempts fail, and the bird of prey gives up and flees in search of a more deserving adversary. This hawk will never forget the day he was defeated by a dummy duck.

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