Handsome Dog With Incredible Human-Like Smile Is Winning Over The Internet

This gorgeous dog may appear to have used a face swap program on his images, but believe it or not, he is endowed with a human-like grin.

Meet Nori, the dog that has just become the latest Internet star, whose smile always makes a lasting effect on anybody who has seen his images.

Nori’s smile appears human-like because of his exceptionally big, almond-shaped eyes! Nori’s owners, Kevin Hurless and Tiffany Ngo, said they were captivated by Nori’s endearing smile when they originally got him as a puppy.

Every time they go on a walk, Nori’s grin continues to enchant everyone on the street. “When he was a puppy, we couldn’t walk more than a block without someone stopping us to enquire about him,” Kevin explained.

“It’s been less common as he’s gotten older, but we still hear a lot about how human his face and eyes appear,” he continued. Nori, a cross between a Toy Australian Shepard and a Toy Poodle, has his own Instagram and Twitter accounts, where Tiffany shares his gorgeous grins with the fans on a daily basis. “That’s where we receive all the remarks about his human traits, with people saying he looks like a gigantic person or marveling at his eyes,” Tiffany explained.

Nori’s photo was also featured on the British television show BBC Breakfast because of his uncommon characteristics. Despite his human-like characteristics, Nori is still a dog that enjoys playing with squeaky toys and visiting friends and people on the street. “He loves everyone and every dog he encounters and simply wants to be friends with everyone,” Tiffany explained.

He particularly enjoys spending time with his canine best buddy, Boba, a Yorkie/Shih Tzu mix. “They get along beautifully and play all the time, however, Nori occasionally has too much energy for Boba, which irritates Boba.”

Nori’s human-like smile shines even brighter as he stands next to Boba!

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