Guy Wakes Up From A Nap To A Stray Kitten Sleeping On His Lap

On a warm day in Canberra, Australia, Ali Safa decided he wanted to relax and take a nap in his garden. Safa settled into a chair and started snoozing. Ali Safa is never really had pets and he’s a bit of a loner so he didn’t have many friends, too. But this one fell straight into his lap.

“I was just checking my phone, nothing much really,” he told. And before he knew it, he fell asleep.

When Safa woke up, he felt something heavy lying against his chest. He looked down and saw a stray cat sleeping on him! Safa was naturally shocked to find the cat on his chest.

“I was taking a nap on the balcony of our house, and, like two hours later, I woke up and I found her just napping on my stomach,” Safa told. ” At first, I thought it was a rat,” Ali recalled. “But by the time I realized she was a kitten, I didn’t care about whether she had fleas or not, because if she did I probably already got it, so whatever.”

He whipped out his phone and took a couple of pictures. After uploading them to Reddit, people immediately started asking questions about how the kitty was doing and if there were any new developments.

Soon, the little kitten woke up. She immediately started meowing—it was her way of telling Safa that she wanted a post-nap snack.

“The first thing she does is step down [off] the sofa, look me in the eyes and start meowing nonstop for 20 seconds,” Safa wrote the post. “She’s obviously hungry, so guess who’s sharing the chicken wings my mom made?”

Safa also shared some cute footage of Angel playing with his shoelaces on Reddit. It’s clear that both Safa and Angel are as happy as can be.

Angel has been with Safa for a few weeks, and the pair are doing very well! Angel loves hanging out with Safa—she’s a huge fan of playing with toys, and she also enjoys simply relaxing with her favorite human.

“All I can say is that she is the most fun cat I have ever gotten to play with,” Safa said. “All she does is just roam around me all the day wanting pets or to play.”

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