Grumpy Gorilla Has A Face Like Thunder But His Baby Son Just Wants To Play

This grouchy gorilla is not in the mood to monkey around. The gorgeous beast just does not appear to want to play with his small kid, who continually attempts to engage his father in a game. Even though Ajabu was just a few days old when the photo was shot, father Richard still refuses to interact with his new kid.


Lucie Stepnickova, an amateur photographer, took the photos at Prague Zoo, where she has been photographing Richard and his increasing brood for years.
‘I’ve been seeing Richard at the zoo for 11 years and have loved seeing his family develop around him,’ she added. Baby Ajabu is both wonderful and intelligent. He constantly appears to be joyful and fun.

Seeing him play always puts a grin on my face. On this particular day, his father Richard did not appear to be in such a fun mood, but it is always a joy to watch the father and son engage with each other.’

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