Giant Sea Lion Enters A Fish Market And Asks For Snacks

Sea lions, like humans, appear to be all about efficiency. Instead of getting his own meal, a massive South American sea lion observed three men working in a fish market onshore and decided to pay them a visit. Sure, why bother when an opportunity like this exists? He had no idea it would turn out to be a true sea lion’s paradise!

The visitor became quite thrilled when he saw all the fish in front of him, but he kept his calm and quietly waited, expecting the men working with the fish would spoil him with a treat.

The enormous sea lion began waddling around in excitement as soon as one of the men served him a nibble, expecting there would be more where that came from. He was not disappointed, as shown in the video!

He waited, hoping that the generosity would continue, while the men working in the market tried not to be bothered by the unexpected guest and continued with their business while being watched by the giant beast.

Of course, some people couldn’t help but stop to take a closer look. They certainly got a good look, as we believe the sea lion remained for a meal for much longer than shown in the video.

Even though he appeared to be starving, he was most likely just a local paying a visit, as sea lions are notorious for stealing fishermen’s catch. We’re delighted this one turned out to be such a well-mannered beast that wasn’t searching for trouble.

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