Found An Olive Python In The Throes Of Attempting To Swallow An Agile Wallaby Joey



A ranger on patrol in the Northern Territory was astonished by a jaw-dropping show of python strength. Paul O’Neill, a ranger at Katherine’s Nitmiluk National Park, was on patrol early Monday when he observed a cacophony of bird sounds near the tourist visitor center.

Mr. O’Neill discovered an olive python in the process of swallowing an athletic wallaby joey while examining the situation. He was able to get these images of the python trying to eat the not-so-bite-sized food.

According to Greg Smith of the Territory Wildlife Park, the snake almost bit off more than it could chew with this particular menu item. “That is about the largest prey it can devour,” he explained.

“It would take approximately five to seven days for the wallaby to digest entirely, and the snake would leave and hide for at least a month.” “The snake is medium in size and would most likely begin hunting for additional tucker between four to eight weeks, depending on the snake.”

Mr Smith stated that they had varied appetites based on his previous experience rearing and dealing with hundreds of snakes.

“Some snakes will start seeking for food even though they are overweight and have just eaten,” he added, adding that “on average, that meal would be enough to maintain that snake for at least three months.”

Katherine is located roughly 320 kilometers south of Darwin.

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