For Over 25 Years This Japanese Diver And The Giant Fish He Nursed Back To Health Share The Unlikeliest Friendship


Many people think of pets when they think about human-animal friendship. However, there are residents in the wild that require our assistance. Even if they are aquatic.

Hiroyuki Arakawa is well aware of this. The story of friendship began some decades ago on the bay near the Japanese city of Tateyama.

Hiroyuki’s employment is unique in that he must dive into the ocean every day to maintain a Shinto (Japan’s principal religion) shrine beneath the surface. A man observed a sheepshead wrasse while diving 30 years ago.


Yoriko was the name he gave to the fish later on. Friendship blossomed between them right once, and they both looked forward to their daily encounters.

Yoriko’s life was saved by Arakawa throughout the years. When he observed that anything was amiss with the fish, whether she was ɪʟʟ or ᴅᴀᴍᴀɢᴇd, she was unable to seek food on her own.

Hiroyuki began bringing her food — 5 crabs every day – without hesitation, saving her life. The fish healed, and their love became stronger.

And now, Yoriko and Hiroyuki’s encounters aren’t complete without a pleasant kiss. Someone may find such kindness repulsive, yet looks and species membership aren’t all that significant.

In this instance, man and fish coexist in peace with nature and with one another. What could be more lovely than this?

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