Firemen Save Unconcious Cat’s Life Using A Special Pet Oxygen Mask

An orange tabby cat’s life was saved using a special oxygen mask made just for pets. The New Orleans Fire Department found the lifeless feline in the hallway near a ꜰɪʀᴇ that broke out in a residential building around noon last Wednesday.

When New Orleans firemen found this poor Moggy in the hallway of a burning building, he was unresponsive. It looked as though rescuers were too late to save the little guy. Luckily, the firemen had a special oxygen mask, made just for pets on hand.

In an effort to restore it, numerous firemen stroked its belly and neck and pumped oxygen into its mouth. The kitty is heard being examined by one fireman, ” Just how is it? Really feeling better? “

Thanks to the mask, the orange tabby was revived in just a few minutes.

“I guess he has eight more lives,” said Doug Cardinale with the New Orleans Fire Department. Two other cats who lived in the house escaped safely. The unresponsive cat was put on oxygen and revived within a few minutes.

The masks are becoming more popular amongst firefighting teams. They can be used on dogs, and even smaller animals, too.

According to records, the flat where the ꜰɪʀᴇ originated was totally destroyed and deemed unsuitable for habitation. Whether the kitties and their owner have already been reunited is unknown at this time



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