Epic Sea Battle Between Seal And Giant Octopus Caught On Cam

Bob Ianson, 59, was strolling along the river at Ogden Point with his wife Joan, daughter Jenn, and grandson when he noticed a tussle between a seal and a massive octopus.

Fortunately, the amateur photographer had his camera with him and did not waste time in capturing the sea fight.


The local from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, initially assumed the forms in the water were two harbor seals, but he was startled when the hunter showed off with the octopus in its jaws after a few minutes.


“The seal came up with this object in its jaws, and it was almost as if he looked me in the eyes and said, ‘Look what I have!'” “He was staring at me,” Bob explained in an interview with Huffington Post.

He estimates the seal to be 4 12 feet long, whereas the Alaska Fisheries Science Center believes Giant Pacific Octopuses may frequently exceed 50 pounds.

Bob told how the tentacled sea creature fought off the seal for over 10 minutes. “The octopus was wrapped around the seal by the third time he came back up.” The octopus basically had the seal’s entire head.”

The spectacular encounter ultimately caught the attention of the audience until the conflict finished with the animal triumphant over his favorite supper.

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