Epic Battle To The Death Between A Spotted Black Snake And A Red-Bellied Black Snake

A lady who happened across two de.adly snakes fighting to the de.ath recorded the frightening scene on camera.


Jenny Hillman was out on a stroll at her farm in Ballandean, Queensland, south of Stanthorpe near the New South Wales border, when she stumbled across a red-bellied black snake fighting with a larger snake.

Ms Hillman couldn’t believe what she was witnessing, so she took out her phone and began filming the fierce clash between the two unexpected adversaries.

She then shared the video on Facebook, which shows a brown snake holding on to a red-bellied black snake that is urgently attempting to flee. ‘This morning at the river!!!!!!! ‘A genuinely massive struggle,’ Ms Hillman wrote.

The video shows the red-bellied black snake constantly attempting to fend off the brown-colored snake by piercing its opponent’s body with its teeth.

The red-bellied black snake tries to slither away at one point, but he is unable to break free from the brown-colored snake’s clutches. The post has now received several replies from stunned Facebook users, with many rushing to the platform to give their thoughts on the snake standoff.


‘Jenny, fantastic footage. That would have been incredible to see,’ one individual wrote.

‘It’s really incredible that you were able to catch this battle,’ commented another.

‘What a sight to witness!’ said a third.

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